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During high school, studying and successfully practicing law was not something that Aryan had considered, and it did not come easy for him. With the negative influences he was surrounded with and poor decision-making, he crossed paths with the law on several occasions. Unbelievably, Aryan dropped out of high school and this made a huge impact in Aryan’s life. For many, a youthful conduct of this nature would become an insurmountable barrier leading to a troubled future. Remarkably for Aryan, the challenges faced in his youth became valuable life lessons and he managed to learn from his mistakes while achieving a positive growth mindset. 


After returning to and graduating high school, Aryan continued to pursue his studies at University of Leicester in England. Aryan was determined to become a lawyer and inspire Calgarians through his community work and leadership. Today, Aryan’s expanding law practice focuses on civil litigation, family law, criminal law, corporate law, immigration law, and real estate law. Aryan is dedicated to Calgarians through his law practice and community engagement. Aryan is currently practicing with Llewellyn Law in Alberta.


Aryan’s birth name was Mujtaba. However, throughout his teenage and adult life, he was called by “Aryan” as many people (such as teachers, classmates, and coworkers) could not pronounce Mujtaba properly. In 2015, he legally changed his first name to Aryan, making it simpler for everyone to pronounce. 


Aryan has a strong passion for politics and takes pride in helping the right candidates get elected. Aryan first stepped foot into politics when he became Advisor to former Alberta Premier Jim Prentice during Prentice’s successful PC leadership campaign in 2014 and to former Minister of Infrastructure Manmeet Singh Bhullar’s campaign in 2015. He also volunteered alongside Manmeet on a special project helping Sikh and Hindu minorities in Afghanistan. Numerous families have now safely been relocated to India and Canada where they have built new lives free of religious persecution.


Aryan courageously contested in the Calgary municipal election for Ward 5 in 2017. With just five short weeks of campaigning, he gained the trust of thousands of Calgarians and came in second place. He remains dedicated and loyal to Calgarians through his law practice and remains engaged in municipal affairs. While overcoming obstacles from his past, Aryan Sadat knew he had the potential to change the course of his life with hard work and determination.


Aryan remains passionate about the community through his extensive voluntary commitment to local causes and helping those in need.  He is now an inspiration and a role model for youth who have faced similar challenges as he has and helps them find the courage to change their lives around, just as he did. Having managed to escape a difficult past and believe in his potential, he is motivated to help others envision a positive future despite their negative experiences. Recognizing the opportunities that Canada, Alberta, and indeed Calgary have afforded to him, Aryan wishes to create opportunities for others to also have a second chance at living a fulfilling life by mentoring troubled youth.


It is Aryan’s mission to see our youth excel in their education, personal lives, and careers. Using the values Aryan has gained from his past to become the motivated person he is today, Aryan is prepared to change the future for the betterment of all Canadians. This past year, Aryan has volunteered his time and resources for causes such as the Farmers' Rally and the Convoy for Palestine where Aryan extended his services pro-bono to participants of those events who received tickets.

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